To Tie, or Not to Tie: That is the Question


“Do I really need to wear a tie?” How many times have you been in this situation? “I’ll wear one, just to be on the safe side, nope I’ll just keep it in the car.” And how many times have you answered it this way?

What about just not wearing a tie at all?

After reading this post, you will no longer have to worry about that dilemma.

There are many reasons for someone not to wear a tie. If yours relates to ‘comfort’, laziness or neglect, those just aren’t good enough. Truthfully, those are excuses to allowing yourself to look like every other guy that was dragged to the event by his significant other.  Skipping the tie is all about self-expression and it should help you feel more confident and bold.

The art of slightly underdressing is not easy to master. It’s like tying a tie, you have to work on it until it becomes second nature. We’re not all ready to stand out and be bold by wearing less than expected and there are always moments in which we cannot and should not play these, ‘I am confident in myself games’.


The Workplace: If it’s Casual Friday, by all means leave the tie at home, but if everyone around you is wearing a tie, slip it on.

Weddings and Christenings: Put on a tie if it’s going to be a more formal event such as a funeral or traditional church wedding.

Job interviews: There’s a guideline that’s very clear and simple to apply here – wear the very best tie that you own. If you’re interviewing for a corporate job, wear a tie and a tailored suit. If you’re interviewing for a job that doesn’t require a tie such as a laborer, then leave it at home and wear a nicely ironed shirt.

Red Carpet and After 7 events:  These are all great opportunities to go bare-neck. These are the type of events in which we are allowed, encouraged even, to express ourselves. Standing out in a positive way is great and it will ensure others remember you.

In A Creative Business Meeting/Working Environment: If you work in a creative environment/industry, or if your goal is to come across as a creative individual, being the not tied fellow in a room full of tied colleagues might give you that creative flare the you are aiming for.

FYI: You must be confident in your look, otherwise you’ll just look the lazy bum that didn’t take time to put on a tie.

Once you decide whether or not a tie is required, start to pick a statement piece that would take the place of the tie such as a lapel pin, watch, nautical or wooden bracelets or a simple statement belt. If you are still stumped the following photos will help you pick the right look for your tieless event.