What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do


At some point in our lives, we all hit a bump in the road. For some of us, moving on is as easy as picking ourselves back up, but for others, it takes extra effort. When life gets us down there are many things we can do to overcome trials. For example, we can learn to be comfortable with discomfort, to just go with the flow, to evaluate our actions and be alert.

Circumstances we see as downturns may be blessings in disguise. We must learn to accept and live with what life has given to us. Moving on is impossible without the acceptance of a situation. After accepting the situation, we have to deal with it. If we learn to live in our current situation and work to overcome it everything else will seem possible.

Patience is very important. If acceptance proves unmanageable, we can always just let life play out. In most cases, we cannot change our fate, so leaving something alone might be the best decision. You never know, in due time life might get better. It’s a proven fact that we must struggle before we make it, all we have to do is wait.

Sometimes when we find ourselves in a rough situation, we have no one to blame but ourselves. The mistakes we make takes us on uncomfortable paths but they make us who we are. We must evaluate ourselves by asking the questions, “What did I do to get myself here?” or “What could I have done better?” then see where we can go from there. Having completed an evaluation, we will know not to make the same mistakes again and we will be knowledgeable on how to go through life.

Lastly, we must be alert. We must have an open mind because once again, this is not the end. We can always get back up, but if we walk around sad and depressed, we could be setting ourselves up for failure. A sour face or bad attitude can turn away many opportunities for us. So, no matter what, we should believe that it is not over yet and walk around with a smile.

Whenever you feel down, whenever you think life is over, just remember that there is more in-store. Accept your situation, let it play out, see where you went wrong, fix it and walk with a smile.