Where is Your Voice?


I’m supposed to stand in front of the camera and hold the mic because it projects my voice.

But as a kid when I would stand in front of the camera and hold the mic the projects never heard my voice.

I’m supposed to be the voice of the people? How am I going to be the voice of the people when they don’t have a voice?

I’m from the land of “the real” at least that’s what I grew up believing.

But what they failed to mention was that even the people from “the land of the real” could come out being real deceiving.

Since we are talking about the voice of the people I thought I would let this be known that if you look at your ID and your address does not say Chicago, IL then quit it that’s not your home.

Y’all can be mad at me all day, I don’t care because see where I’m from real life isn’t fair.

You think when they’re riding through those hoods and they let those windows drop that they are looking out for the kids?

No it doesn’t really matter to them who gets shot and that’s real talk. It has nothing to do with poetry not even rap because every day on the way to school those kids are getting their heads pushed back.

My 15-year-old cousin just had a baby and he reppin’ that blue and black but don’t get that confused with those California Crips because the only thing they have in common is that they both let the “heat” stick to their hips.

I said that to say this, “We are losing them young,” whether it’s in the moonlight or in the sunlight and since when did murders become a competition?

Because quite frankly I couldn’t care less about who lost or who won because when it’s all said and done that was still somebody’s son.

So, Where is your voice?

I think you need to get in tune with the spirit.

They think because I don’t say much that I won’t speak and because I smile in their face every day that I won’t preach.

Well they were wrong because I have a lot to say. I was just being patient like that submissive woman waiting on her man to give her the okay.

I know some of you all will read this and then say, “But they will talk about me.” SO WHAT!

They talked about Christ too and just remember this if they talked about him you were bound to get talked about too.

So, Where is your voice?