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Who Should Perform at the Next Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVIII was the most watched telecast in television history accumulating around 123 million viewers. The Super Bowl pitted the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Franciso 49ers which turned out to be quite a nailbiter. Though, to be fair, the football game is not the only reason why the broadcast was so popular.  

The Super Bowl halftime performances are performed by well-known artists and these mini concerts likely last up to 15 minutes. Some halftime shows have featured major artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and Rihanna. This year’s Super Bowl showcased an exciting performance from the one and only Usher. He performed some of his classics such as “O.M.G.”, “Yeah!”, “Superstar”, and “My Boo” which featured Alicia Keys.  

With the Super Bowl being such an anticipated game for sports fans, it’s obvious how many views the event accumulates. It’s not only entertaining for the fans, but also re-opens many doors for these already highly popular artists. It’s been rumored by the internet that a lot of artists don’t get paid as much as the average person would think. Instead, most of their revenue comes from promotional deals, and the aftermath of the Super Bowl. So, it’s important for these artists to have a reliable catalog and put on an amazing show. 

Next year, Super Bowl LIX well be held in New Orleans, Louisiana’s Caesars Superdome. New Orleans has not hosted a Super Bowl since 2013 which makes it such a highly anticipated game, especially for natives. Though with such an exciting game planned to take place in the city, the Super Bowl halftime show is still a key component of conversation.  

The internet has taken the initiative to push Lil Wayne as the choice for the 2025 Super Bowl halftime show performer. Lil Wayne was born and raised in New Orleans and is one of the most widely known artists of the past and current generation. So, it would only make sense for him to perform at the halftime show. The Rapper also has an astounding catalog and could potentially harvest more halftime show viewers than past performers. Though it’s not guaranteed that he will be the performer, I believe everyone would enjoy a halftime show from such a legend. 

Jaimee McCullen
Jaimee McCullen
Jaimee McCullen is a Sophomore Mass Communications major from Natchez, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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