A Letter To 63rd Street


Every day it was always drama coming your way.
People dying on your block every day.
You made us visit our dead friends and relatives at the same funeral place.
Every since we could remember you always caused us pain.

We remember the first time you had guns pointed to our faces. All the messed up memories that we prayed would go away.
You had us grow up the hard way looking over our shoulders.
You even made it where some of the people we cared about couldn’t even come over.

You always had us at war with those other blocks shooting back and forth.
Never caring if the war would ever stop.
You killed the little kids that used to walk to school.
You had high school students making up their own rules, gangbangers all up and through.
The neighborhood crack heads all on the corner of 63rd and Western cause they knew that’s where the drugs were good.

They called you one of the worst blocks known up in Englewood.
You had people getting robbed at the redlight not even giving them the chance to make it to 95th and The Dan Ryan.
We just want to let you know that we hate you and everything that you represent.

You shot our loved ones in broad day light because of you we will forever have to fight.

But rest in peace to all the living and dead souls wandering up and down those 63rd Street roads.
We say this because 63rd Street had you all believing that hell was a place called home and for that we are truly sorry.
This is a Letter to 63rd Street.