Makeup Essentials


Makeup is used to enhance one’s appearance. Many young ladies such as myself can be a bit fascinated with makeup. It’s been a beauty trend for decades. If you are new to this, there are a few makeup essentials you may need. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick or lip gloss are just a few that come to mind.

Foundation helps even out one’s skin tone giving them flawless smooth skin. Foundation can be either in a liquid or powder form. I personally prefer using liquid foundation. Cover girl Tru Blend d5 happens to be my favorite because it goes on smoothly and matches my skin tone perfectly. When applying liquid foundation in this instance, use a beauty blender sponge and blend the foundation throughout the face area evenly leaving no empty unblended spots.

Blush & bronzer adds both shimmer & color to one’s skin. I recommend using Wet & Wild blush. When applying blush use a blush brush and dab a small amount to each cheek & blend evenly with foundation. MAC mineralize skin finish gold deposit bronzer is one of the best you can buy. It’s a bit expensive but it hasn’t disappointed me yet. When using a different brush apply very little bronzer under each cheek bone. Too much bronzer will make the face look completely gold and unrealistic.

After the face is complete. It is now safe to start with the eyes. Using an eyeshadow brush, apply your choice of eyeshadow colors on the eyelids. However make sure it is blended because if it isn’t it will look caked up, cheap & very unprofessional.

Once the eyeshadow has been applied it’s best to use either black or brown eyeliner to line the lid of your eyes. Mascara is used to make the eyelashes appear more full & longer. I highly recommend Revlon Lash Potion mascara. Apply the mascara to both the top & bottom lashes on each eye. However, make sure there are no visible clumps. After my face is done I usually apply MAC Studio Fix setting powder just to add that special finishing touch. Lastly, apply your choice of lipstick or lip gloss and you’ll be all set.