Alcorn’s Student Led Bible Study Sessions


Students on Alcorn State University’s (ASU) campus have come together to form a Bible Study Session’s group. As of January 8th, this student led group is held every Wednesday in the J.D. Boyd Library on the 2nd floor at 6:00 pm.

Derria White, a Junior Computer Science major from Bassfield, Mississippi, had the idea to start the sessions during Christmas Break and posed the question on Twitter if anyone would join her. After receiving over 30 people’s interest, she decided on December 12, 2019 to put them all in a group chat where they could have conversations about the Bible beginning at Genesis 1.

Since the group began during Christmas Break, every discussion was held via text message. The group chat included daily questions, challenges, Bible chapter discussions, inspiration and encouragement. The initial conversations were going so well that White decided it was time to meet in-person.

The sessions are a judgment free zone that allows for new perspectives, better understandings and a forming of spiritual connections among each other. The open discussions connect things that happen in the Bible to real-life situations that students may be dealing with. “I enjoy going because it’s a good feeling to know that there are young people who still want to get into the word of God. It’s just genuine,” stated Sophomore Rachel Greer.

As the sessions continue to grow with more participants, White hopes that each individual leaves with more than they came in with. “The number one priority is to get closer to God, fill ourselves with God’s word, get a different understanding on other’s thoughts when it comes to our readings, and creating an outlet to gain the spiritual connections they don’t get from their ordinary friends,” she stated. White plans on continuing these Bible Study Sessions for the rest of the semester and many more semesters to come.