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D'Anna King

D'Anna King is from Brookhaven, Mississippi. She is currently a Senior majoring in Mass Communications/Broadcasting. She is also a member of the Sounds of Dyn-O-Mite Marching Band. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2020-2021 school year.

The King is Coming

Time is not short. Time is up. The King is Coming. I can't stress it enough. REPENT! REPENT! Echos in my ear. So I must spread the warning. The last hour...


I am strong. I am bold. I am for all. Young and old, I am a necessity. Though many think I’m a choice, They use me when they want something And...

Me, Individually

Why me? Why am I here? Why are we born? Why is anyone here?   I'm just one person out of many. I have no purpose and I can't change anything.   I have...

The Darkness of Man

Deep within us all a darkness lies. The desire to do wrong deep within our minds.   This undying hunger, this worldly thirst, this internal battle, the war that gets worst.   The Darkness of...

What Does God Look Like?

There is an answer That I can not find. It is a simple question That boggles my mind. People think I’m crazy To have a question of this kind. My...

My Friend the Carpenter

Have you ever met my friend the carpenter?  He has great strength and power like no other. You'd love my friend.  All you have to do...

Praise for Love

To my heavenly father, Thank you for this gift. This joy and love that's so pure. There's nothing else like it. Just when I thought this joy couldn't...

Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? Yes I do. I would do anything for you. No you don’t,  Not truly. Lord you know I love you.   You know...

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