Back to School Essentials


It’s back to school season again and as a student getting a solid education should be our main focus but who said you can’t look good while studying? First impressions are everything, especially when you’re in college. Here are some essentials for this Fall from the basics to what’s trending now.

Jeans are a perfect place to start. They are always going to be around and there are various styles to base your outfits around. Find a pair or two from your favorite brand with a comfortable fit and go from there. High waisted ripped denim is still a popular trend but flared jeans are making a comeback. This older vibe is cute for all the Bohemian and Hippie girls out there and can even be finessed into a Preppy look.

Graphic T-shirts are a classic. They’re great for the Tomboys and the Girly girls because there are hundreds of designs to choose from. A Graphic Tee is typically casual but with a little creativity and style, can be dressed up. This Fall, use the Graphic look to test out different colors, graphic logos, color blocking, Tie-dye and florals. Play with colors and mix patterns.

Biker shorts are at the top of the trend right now. They are a more comfortable option but will still be seen as fashionable because of their current popularity. This is a perfect bottom to pair with a Graphic Tee or you could get them in a matching set. Most sites will have matching sets of Biker shorts and a crop top. A good recommendation of stores who sell these combinations are Fashion Nova and Boohoo.

Another trend this year is Snakeskin. Snakeskin really started popping up last Spring. Now you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one person in this animal print. The print definitely adds an interesting pattern to spice an outfit up. It can come in subtle neutrals that will match a lot of pieces or one can get bolder with bright colors over the Snakeskin print. The sky’s the limit with this trend. The hard part will be making it original since everyone is wearing it now.

Lastly, you can’t go into the school year without picking out a new pair of shoes. This may be one of the best parts of shopping for back-to-school essentials. Every Fall there is always a hot new sneaker out. You can never go wrong with some all white G Fazos. For people who like to spice up their shoe game a little more, think bright neon colors and shining metallics. If you’re not into sneakers, there are so many heels and flats out there to play with. Shoes are fun and can really complete a look.