Do You Love Me?


Do you love me?

Yes I do. I would do anything for you.

No you don’t,  Not truly.

Lord you know I love you.   You know this surely.

My love for you is so pure, so raw, and so deep.

It’s so incredible.  It goes beyond what eyes can see.

Don’t say that.  I know you don’t mean it.  I know who you are and the intentions of your spirit.

You know my love is very true.  I went to the Cross and gave my life for you.

Lord I know this. That’s why my love is real.  You know how much I love you and how you make me feel.

But would you do the same?  Answer truly. Would you suffer for my sake?  Would you die for me?

I stopped to think.  And he’s right.  Actions speak louder than words and I’m too scared to fight.

Lord please forgive me.  I haven’t done right by you.  Please come into my heart.  I give my life to you.

Now you have come.  I’ve been waiting patiently.  Come take my hand and start your walk with me.

The love I have for Jesus has intensified on this day.  I am truly redeemed and God has washed my sins away.

Thank you for your mercy and for showing me the way.  Thank you for your love and your saving grace.

Jesus you are everything.  My forever and my all.  Now I truly love you on this day and from now on.