Do you think that your vote will make a difference in the upcoming presidential election? Why or Why not?


Romeo Evans




Flint, Michigan

My vote will make a difference because every vote counts in the election. Recent years have shown higher voting counts from people in my age group and when we as the younger generation vote we begin to see presidential elections become more focused with solving economic problems people 18-25 face.


Jhonna Franklin


Social Work


Port Gibson, Mississippi

Yes. I think that my vote will make a difference in the upcoming presidential election. The man that we have in the White House is a joke. For one he doesn’t really care about Covid-19 as the numbers continue to rise for Americans and let’s not forget he’s a misogynist.


Anyana Davis




Chicago, Illinois

I believe that it will because not only does my views align with the expectations of society, it would be nice to know that my one vote has counted in many different ways.


Kaleb Foxworth


Animal Science


Vicksburg, Mississippi

Yes. As a kid I did not think voting was important but as I grew older I realized that we the people have the power to change the way we live our everyday lives.


Leah Robinson


Biology Pre-Med


Chicago, Illinois

I think that my vote will definitely make a difference in the upcoming Presidential election because every vote counts. If I don’t take the time to follow the election and exercise my right to vote we lose the power to control who’s in office. Too many people refrain from voting because they don’t think it will change anything. It is this attitude that leads to low voter turn out. Ultimately if we all do our part and vote, we can make a difference in the election.