Fashion Trends that will be making a Splash in Summer 2019


Many of the fashion trends spotted during Summer 2018 are set to make a return this year with a few twists. Everyone wants to revamp their style during the warmer months. It’s a time to get yourself together after a long school year as well as revamping your closet. Whether you’re ready to hit the pool or working at a Summer internship, these are all tips and tricks you need to know as you head into Summer 2019.

Surprisingly, Tie-dye emerged as a major favorite in Summer 2018. A bit of a throwback, people are trying to give it a modern twist. It has become so big again that it is beginning to pop up on major runways. Even Dior has recently designed Kaleidoscope versions, sometimes layering Tie-dye over florals. Stella McCartney has also gotten into it by creating a line with blue and white boilersuits, T-shirts, and pants.

Normally in the Summer, we like to show out with pops of vibrant and bright colors but this year if you’re not a fan of that, you’re in luck. This Summer a major color scheme will be warm rusty reds. Made popular by Valentino, who paired orange and wine colors together effortlessly. Versace also recently has come out with some sunburnt orange pieces for it’s runway collection. Don’t be afraid to switch it up with some deep reds and warm rusts when going to your Summer events.

If you’re uncomfortable wearing such deep colors in the Summer, there is an alternative. Ultra Violet was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 and that has definitely carried out to fashion. This season many people have been spotted wearing various shades of purple which is sure to continue into the Summer. Mainly in the range of shades from the lavender family, light purple is becoming essential for anyone’s closet. It’s flattering on multiple skin tones and can add a feminine touch to any look. Go ahead and add some purple to your look for that different pop of color.

Style wise, the athletic look is on the rise. Athleisure has always been around but it is constantly reinventing itself. Biker shorts are making a debut as a fashion piece instead of functional wear for actual biking. People are finding ways to dress it up or dress it down for casual outings. They offer a comfortable yet trendy touch to your outfit, so expect biker shorts to be a go-to piece for the next couple of months.

Summer 2019 is going to be a time to try out new things and be adventurous with your outfit choices. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. This is the time where one can explore their style with all of the new fashion and color trends that have recently emerged on the style scene.