Geekology: The New Frontier


Te’yah Wright is a Junior Environmental Science in Agricultural Systems major from Arlington, Texas. She began her academic career at Alcorn State University (ASU) as a Veterinary Medicine major but during a study abroad program to Costa Rica she discovered and decided to make Agricultural Systems her major.

Her decision to attend Alcorn was solidified from her mother, who is an alumna of the University. During her Sophomore year, she created an organization on campus called Geekology. Geekology is an organization for lovers of geek pop culture, Anime, Sci-Fi, video games and anything under the umbrella of Geekdom. The organization was founded on September 15, 2018. The organization originally started with 12 members and currently it has 45. Wright’s inspiration for the creation of Geekology was her love of pop culture and was disappointed that something like this wasn’t on campus, but that didn’t stop her from creating a place for people such as herself.

In its brief existence, Geekology has developed an E-sports team where members can compete in video game competitions. The E-sports team is now apart of the athletic department at Alcorn. Wright hopes to make the E-sports team a varsity team so that the organization can attend future geek pop culture conventions and to even one day hold a mini-convention at the University. She also hopes to grow the organization more and to establish ‘Geek Week’ which will bring awareness to the organization, celebrate its founding, and recruit future members.

After graduation, Wright plans to continue her education and attend the University of Michigan. After completion of her graduate studies, she plans to work for a non-profit organization that focuses on the reform of African American communities and educating the public on sustainable systems of Agriculture.