Knowing Your Healing Crystals: Mental Health


As college students, many of us deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health crises. As a result, students take the intuitive approach to deal with and cope with their mental health. Some things that can help with mental health are meditating, exercising and yoga.  However, crystals and quartz are good mental health healing necessities that are needed in order to cope with your anxiety, stress and depression. Here are a few crystals/quartz that may help you when dealing with depression and other mental health issues.

  1. The Clear Crystal. The clear crystal is the most common crystal that many people get to help master their healing. It is the most powerful crystal.  Clear Crystals give off positive energy and is there to absorb, release, and restore any energy that is needed. It is also there to help and stimulate the entire body and immune system.
  2. The Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz and Clear Crystals are two good pairs to have. Rose quartz represents love. It helps someone restore love and trust within other people and it allows people to build strong positive connections with others. The quartz is very healing to those who may have lost someone or themselves. The Rose Quartz is there to help anyone who feels empty.
  3. Jasper. The Jasper Crystal is a crystal that represents empowerment. Those who have Jasper are usually the ones who deal with stress and overthinking. The Jasper crystal is there to help empower the spirit and protect you from absorbing negative energy and stress. It is there to help you keep going on.
  4. Lastly is the Tiger’s eye crystal. The Tiger’s Eye crystal is a motivational crystal. The crystal helps you become motivated into doing things that you always thought about doing but were scared to do so. The crystal is there to help one release his/her fears and anxiety and self doubt.

Hopefully being informed about these different crystals can help your mental and physical healing. As college students and individuals, I know that many of us go through mental health crises and need healing. These crystals can be found at any local store. With the variety of crystals that are out there, please choose the ones that are best for you.