Musician’s Spotlight: Little Dragon


The Swedish indie band, Little Dragon,  has been  on the scene since it got its start in 1996. Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, Little Dragon is comprised of vocalist and percussionist, Yukimi Nagano, keyboardist Hakan Wirenstrand, Drummer Erik Bodin, and Fredrik Kallagan on bass.

Their single “Test” was released in 2006 while the band was signed to their small Scandinavian Off the Wall label. The following year the band released their first, self-titled studio album after signing with British Indie Peacefrog Records (Nouvelle Vague, ect.), a larger recording label.

 In 2009, the band released their second album, ‘Machine Dreams’. This album consisted of stronger hooks and a wider range of creativity throughout the album. Nagano’s smooth vocals and subtle pitch changes opened a new kind of inspiration in their music. For instance, the single “Feather” from the album, gives you the feeling of floating on a bubble which is wandering aimlessly.

During their off time the band performed collaborations with other bands and musicians such as the Gorillaz, SBTKRT, and Big Boi. In 2012 the band released ‘Ritual Union’, written during gaps in their busy schedule while on a worldwide tour in support of the Gorillaz. With this being their third studio album the band was able to capture a larger fan base, topping charts in both the United Kingdom and the U.S.

The band decided to record their latest album, ‘Nabuma Rubberband’  back home in the band’s hometown of Gothenberg and recorded in their personal recording space. The band says the sound for the album draws on different inspirations from Janet Jackson to Prince. Sweden’s dark and cold winters also give the album its soulful sound.