Pros and Cons of Attending College Parties


When you were in high school, what was the main thing that older people would say about their college experience? It was the time of their lives, right? Young adults were mostly told to be sure to have fun when going to college, but never to forget about the main reason that they were there, which was to get their degrees. However, when young people think of college, parties and ‘turning up’ are the first things that come to mind. This is mainly because when you are in college, you are already considered an adult who has no need of parental supervision, so you are freer. If you are feeling this free, you may want to take advantage of it to a certain extent. But the main question is, Is attending a party with your friends in college necessary?

College is where people come out of their shells, especially when you are a Freshman. Freshmen want to catch all of the college experience at once, intentionally or not. It is when peer pressure is a factor. The most peer pressure that one may get is to get dragged to a party on a school night. Before a friend finally gives in and goes with their friends to the party, their reasons for not wanting to go would seem to be very rational. Parties are not something that college students have to go to. But most current students at Alcorn can vouch for each other if one says it is necessary. If you are one of those friends who may try and pressure your shy friend into going to a party, they may give you these cons for their reasons why they do not want to attend.


  1. “It gets so hot. Fainting from the heat is not on my to-do list.”
  2. “It’s going to be packed. I’m claustrophobic.”
  3. “It costs $10 to get in. That’s food money right there. I’ll be fine in my dorm.”
  4. “We just went to a party last week. No need to go to every party.”
  5. “There’s no type of security in this one. We don’t know what could happen.”
  6. “I have an 8:00 tomorrow morning. I need as much sleep as I can get.”
  7. “I do not think my girlfriend/boyfriend would like it if I go.”

Here are what friends may say to each other when they come to a mutual consensus on going.


  1. “It’s free to get in. We might as well take advantage.”
  2. “Security is checking people, so we will basically be safe in there.”
  3. “It’s the weekend. Let’s make the best of Friday and Saturday.”
  4. “It’s about time we break out of these shells, meet new people and let them know we are extroverts.” (If you go to college to meet new people, parties are the best way to do it.)
  5. “My parents do not like parties. But wait, they’re not here.”
  6. “The best DJ will be there with the best music.”
  7. “It’s just on campus. Nothing to worry about.”
  8. “We have no homework or studying to worry about.”

Eventually the final decision will be up to you as an individual to go to a party or not. Choose wisely.