Protecting the Curl


So image this.  You cut your hair off a little over five months ago. You absolutely love and admire your natural hair but it’s not something you want to fight with morning, noon and night. The slightest drop of rain has you looking like a frizzy ball and the sun just seems to make your hair look lifeless. You have five minutes to finish getting ready for a date and your hair is causing all kinds of problems. It’s ok ladies don’t SWEAT IT. Keep reading and learn about styles that can protect the curls.




These braids are a good choice for someone who may be looking for protective styles. Make them fashionable by letting them dangle, pinning them to the side, swinging a braided pony tail or even pulling them into a bun. They allow you to have beauty and glam. 




Call them what you want ladies just don’t call them fake. These Faux Locs will change the way you see dreadlocks. This protective style is so hot it’s actually two styles in one. First the hair is braided individually, however, it is not tight. A piece of Marley hair, which resembles dreadlocks, is twisted around the individual braids starting at the scalp. Cute, stylish and different.





Braid your hair down and slide that crochet needle through. This style can be achieved with long twists, short twists or braids with one simple trick, the loop hole. Crochets are perfect for wanting quick, stylish and lightweight hair due that would’ve taken 5+ hrs if that loop hole didn’t exist. With every loop and pull your desired style is becoming reality.




Updos can be another form of protective styles. Protective styles should not involve the use of harsh hair chemicals. This style is set in place, however, every ridge and twist has a flexible hold. With proper care, styles like this can last between 1and 2 weeks.






Hands together for the new hair style without abandoning the old one. Sew-ins are like personality pieces. They give you an opportunity to experiment with any hairstyle without trying new things with your real hair. Closures are lifesavers. Put one in and you have a protective style. This style should only be kept 2 to 3 months.



Don’t be afraid to try new things ladies. Braid that hair down, twist it up or sew it down, either way you’re protecting those precious curls that you’ve worked so hard for. It’s always a good idea to give your hair a break from manipulation and strategic routines. Protect the curl ladies.