Should Donald Trump be allowed to build a wall on the US/Mexican border?


Since Donald Trump announced that he was a presidential candidate in the 2017 election, he has been talking about the United States’ immigration problem. He has brought up the idea of building a 1,000 mile wall along the U.S./Mexican border to help prevent immigration. I disagree with this idea of building a wall because it’s just a waste of money. As the current President of the United States Donald Trump should focus on more important things such as the economy and the job market instead of immigration.

Trump said during his campaign that limiting immigration into the nation would make America safer. I completely disagree with this. Even though immigration is now becoming a growing problem in America, it is not the reason why crime rates are so high. Most of the crimes that are committed in America are from U.S. citizens, not from immigrants.

If I were appointed the position of President of the United States to fix the problem of immigration I would hire more border patrol officers. I would also build more border patrol checkpoints along the U.S./Mexican border and establish checkpoints in Arizona since there aren’t any. I think that this would be a better and more cost efficient way of handling this problem.

Trump also stated that he would force the people of Mexico to build his vowed wall to keep immigrants out of the United States. He warned that if his orders were not met he would do something severe. In my opinion Trump thinks he has more power than what he actually has. When he said that the consequences of his orders not being met will be severe makes me think that illegal Mexican immigrants might be put in maximum security prisons or even killed. Eventually a war will break out between the U.S. and Mexico because of this ignorant wall controversy.

Trump is a racist imbecile in my opinion and I am sure many others feel the same way about him. He is ruining our country day by day. He thinks that just because he was recently appointed the position as President of the United States that he is on top of the world. The idea of him trying to build a wall along the border reminds me of the Berlin Wall and how it separated Berlin. His idea of building a wall will prevent the desperate, poverty stricken immigrants from having an opportunity at the American dream. Although there are some illegal immigrants that come into the country and commit crimes, not all of them are like that. Most immigrants come to America for a safer and better life with more opportunities. I think that Trump has to come to a conclusion and really rethink his entire idea about building a wall. Is it really worth it?