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Sista Girl: The Advice Column (April 1, 2024)

Dear Sista Girl:

I am a Senior here at Alcorn and I’m writing because I’ve come across somewhat of a problem. I have a female best friend (I’ll call her Kyla) and she is probably the greatest person that I’ve met during my tenure at Alcorn. We met as Freshman and have been tight ever since. I’ve met her parents, gone to her church and we have the same friends. During our four years here we’ve had significant others and confided in one another about them as each other’s confidant. Sufficed to say none of those relationships worked out. Recently we were driving to get something to eat and we began discussing our futures and jokingly I said, “If we’re not married in 10 years, we’ll just marry each other.” She laughed and said, “We’ll see.” Since then that conversation has gotten me to thinking, “What if Kyla is the one?” I mean we know everything about one another, and I’ve never had a bad thought about her since I’ve met her. My question is how do I tell her that I want our friendship to turn into a relationship without it turning awkward and ruining a perfect 4-year relationship? I LOVE Kyla Sista Girl and I want to be with her. HELP!

Messed Around And Fell In Love

Dear Messed Around And Fell In Love:

It’s beautiful to hear about the depth of your connection with Kyla. Transitioning from friendship to romance can be delicate, but honesty is key. Start by expressing your feelings openly and honestly, but also be prepared for any outcome, including the possibility that she might not feel the same way.

Choose a comfortable and private setting to have this conversation and emphasize the value you place on your friendship regardless of her response. Let her know that you respect her feelings and that you’re sharing yours because you value the bond you already share. Good luck!

Peace and Love, 

Sista Girl 

India Stenson
India Stenson
India Stenson is a Freshman from Tallahassee, Florida majoring in Mass Communications. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the Spring 2024 semester.


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