Soles for the Soul: High-End Style


For the ladies in the upcoming season, Chanel has upgraded its style from wowzers to WOWZERS. The Chanel Spring Collection 2018 Fashion Show was filled with top elegance. It revealed clear PVC hats, ponchos and bags but what attracted the eye the most was the clear PVC rain boots. They come in a variety of lengths from mid-calf to a little over the knee and different heights in the heels to suit the comfort of the wearer and depths of the puddles. If you get a pair of rain boots with a heel, they have a glass looking frame which is clear. An honorable mention feature is the lining for the appearance. The entire collection will be perfect for the rainy weather that’s to come in April. However, there is no set price for the items. They aren’t even sold nor made available to the public yet. With it being the brand Chanel, I suspect each item to be fairly costly.

In other news, who knew buying half an interest in a company would later accumulate earnings of $1.8 billion. I hypothesize that Nathan Swartz had some thought of this accomplishment when he invested in The Abington Shoe Company which produces Timberlands. The water proof boots/shoes have not lost their boom since their mass popularity gain in 1973. What makes Timberlands are their supportive and sturdy look. They come in many different colors, builds and sizes for men, women and kids. A casual and boat collection design are the most trendy.  In 1983, the brand became internationally known, first in Italy and then throughout parts of Europe. The 90’s is when it became popular among celebrities and the Hip-Hop industry. In 2011, Timberland merged with  VF Corporation which is worth well over $2 billion. The 6 inch Field Boot was launched in their latest catalog. It introduces a new dark green crocodile color with a hint of opulence and rugged details. The boot was made available to buy on their website on January 19, 2018.

Rihanna has a shoe line with Puma, Kanye West has one with Adidas but who is the rapper who linked with Versace? 2 Chainz! Recently, it was announced that 2 Chainz and Versace created a sneaker. The shoe features more than one variation in color and design but is topped with a signature look of having a double looking sole that depicts a chain link at the bottom. The real beauty behind this shoe design was noticing the art of the designer. Salehe Bembury, a former  employee for Yeezy, is now the head shoe designer for Versace.  The design puts an image of a Yeezy and Balenciaga mix. The similarity seen within the bulky and ragged sole on a Yeezy and the placement of detail and structure of the Triple S and Speed Balenciaga helps support that logic. There is no release date just yet.