The Game Changer


One might say that Dr. Gregory Reed is a renaissance man with a list of outstanding accomplishments and accolades.

Dr. Reed is the Interim Director Administrator for the Extension Program, the Director for State Level Programs and Special Projects for the Extension Program and an Associate Professor in the Department of Agriculture at Alcorn State University.

He is an alumnus of Alcorn where he majored in Agriculture and Animal Science. He says that after meeting former Alcorn students at his high school in Port Gibson, Mississippi, who had majored in Agriculture, he was encouraged to attend the University and strive as they had done. Along with several family members who had also attended Alcorn he saw their success in the field as well and was inspired.

Dr. Reed worked diligently to obtain both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Alcorn as well as his Ph.D. in Education Administration from Jackson State University. He began working over 30 years ago to begin “the promotion and implementation of outreach and tech support for citizens and the state of Mississippi.” During this time period he was responsible for coordinating technology to assist farmers as they merged into a new era. He worked so that the farmers were able to see the advantages of storing data and understanding this process to make better decisions for their businesses.

From his list of works and accomplishments Dr. Reed has traveled all over the country helping different regions adapt to different agricultural changes and business techniques. He has also worked diligently at The Mississippi Agribusiness Small Farm Center here at Alcorn. He said that the Center’s mission is to “develop a system to deliver management and tech systems to small farms.” He also was one of the key persons who helped to cultivate the small farm loan program at the Center.

Dr. Reed works hard and is passionate about his work both outside and here at Alcorn. He also is dedicated to helping teach the students in the Department were he “encourages them to learn the skills that are available to them and better understand their field of study.”  “There are so many opportunities available to them,” Dr. Reed says. He is a true example of hard work and a representation of an Alcornite working successfully.