The Journey to Building a Universal Platform: Raining Manna


Pastor Michael Brown and Mrs. Faye Ward-Brown are true visionaries. The two are the epitome of self determination and hard work. Through their unrelentling desire for success the two have found their niche within their community.

Pastor Brown’s love for Christ sparked on September 18, 1991 and his passion to serve the masses only grew with the erection of his church Raining Manna. Raining Manna opened it’s doors in February of 2003. The Browns initially began the ministry in their home and later moved it to the Jefferson County Junior High School Gymnasium and from there they settled at their current address at 1405 Main Street in Fayette, Mississippi. Pastor and Mrs. Brown’s goal are to take Raining Manna from the neighborhood to the nation. The two have been pursuing this goal by creating a social media platform through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to meet people interested in hearing the gospel of the Lord.

With Alcorn State being less than 20 miles away from his church, Pastor Brown began ministering to the Alcorn State University (ASU) Football Team and has been doing so for the past 10 years. After many football players began connecting with Raining Manna, Pastor Brown became the chaplin of the team. Mrs. Brown feels enthused to motivate students attending ASU because she gained her insight on God while in college. The couple enjoys seeing students graduate from Alcorn and become productive and successful citizens and continue yearning for Christ’s love because of what they learned from Raining Manna.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s goals for Raining Manna within the next few years is to build an international network. The two advise the students of Alcorn to, “Find your purpose. When you find your purpose and you’re living in your purpose. There’s nothing greater.”  Service at Raining Manna occurs every Sunday at 10:00 am.