The Real Price of Beauty


One thing that we all love is clear and glowing skin. We try tons of skin care products with hopes of getting the glamorous results that we see on television. Those skin care product sellers fail to reveal to us that the majority of store bought products have tons of harmful ingredients, toxins and chemicals within them. But wouldn’t you love to find things right around your own homes that could increase your natural skin.

First, we must understand that a healthy diet and skin care routine is where perfect skin begins. Hydration is so important. Water nourishes the body and believe it or not it will give you glowing skin. Many people don’t know that there are plenty of natural ingredients that can make your skin glow with a good skin care routine. Let’s look inside some of these at home remedies.



When we hear Coconut Oil let’s be honest, how many of us think to use it on our skin and hair rather than just food. Right! None of us do. However, Coconut Oil has many skin and hair benefits because it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these benefits include:

·     Removing dead skin cells

·     Protection from sunburns

·     Helps cleanse and moisturize skin

·     Removes Make-up



Another good at home ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar. It can be purchased right in your local grocery store. Apple Cider Vinegar has properties within it that helps not only with your skin but also weight loss. Being that it contains highly beneficial acetic acids and vitamins like potassium and magnesium it makes it a great detoxifying agent. Some of its benefits include:

·     Clearing Skin Problems (Acne, Hyperpigmentation)

·     Boost Liver Functions

·     Helps Balance Bacteria


3.     RAW HONEY

Raw Honey is not only used for things like cooking or sweetening food. It has some of the best natural sources of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and skin-boosting acids. Its antimicrobial properties are suitable for dressing wounds and burns as well. Raw Honey can also be used to make facial cleaners and exfoliators. Here are some of the many benefits of Raw Honey:

·     Reduces Breakouts

·     Moisturizes

·     Encourages Wound Healing

·     Fights Allergies and Rashes

·     Helps to Reduce Appearance of Scars 


4.     ALOE VERA

We see Aloe Vera plants in grandmother’s living rooms and just think of them as regular plants. What we don’t know is that this plant has been used for years to treat skin diseases, infections and natural treatment for fungal diseases. Here are some of the great benefits from the Aloe Vera plant:

·     Helps with redness and itching

·     Effective for burns and wound healing

·     Decrease the number and size of tumors

·     Natural remedy for burns, frostbite, psoriasis and cold sores



Shae Butter is a secret ingredient that can be used to benefit both the hair and skin. In Africa, it is one of the most cultivated and shipped around products. This Butter can be used to moisturize your hair and skin. These are some of the benefits it holds:

·     Highly Moisturizing

·     Heals Burns

·     Vitamins A, E, and F

·     Fades Dark Marks and Scars

·     Used for Eczema and Psoriasis

These are a few at home ingredients that could be used to make your life just a little easier. Try them and see if you can get your glow back.