Under Pressure


Spiteful of those who have it all on the surface.

I feel sorry for those who lie just to keep going.

So I guess I’ll turn the mirror on myself.

It seems cool, Life looks good to those who don’t know.

I lie good like a popular kid.

Living, showing two sides like a coin.

They know but some others don’t.

Expecting some Morehouse grad to come through the door.

Yeah and they will forever wait for a fantasy.

A social norm that I can’t follow.

That’s not me.

You think they would notice by the way I dress.

But people block out images they don’t want to believe.

So they ask and I don’t answer.

Am I ashamed? Am I scared?

Maybe more of the latter.

Religious folks they are.

Looking for an answer.

If God doesn’t care, why should they?

It’s that one verse that says otherwise.

I don’t wanna change ‘em.

I just want them to not treat me any different.

So I hold it back but it’s boiling over.

Distant for many reasons.

I hate being under pressure.

—- Zion McThomas