Artist’s Spotlight: The Jonoskians


Artists: The Jonoskians

Album: Would You Love Me

Release Date: March 2, 2015

The Janoskians, a name which means “Just another Name of Silly Kids in Another Nation”, are a group of YouTube comedians from Melbourne, Australia who use music as their outlet. The band consists of eldest brother Beau Brooks, twins Luke and Jai Brooks, and friends James Yammouni and Daniel Sahyounie.

The band began its journey on YouTube in 2011. It wasn’t until after the group signed with Sony Music Australia in 2012, that they received their first hit, “Set This World on Fire”. The song peaked at number 19 in the Australian Singles Chart and made it to Top 30 in New Zealand and Top 100 in the United Kingdom.

Since beginning their career, the Janoskians have completed two world tours, appeared in the 28th Annual Kids Choice Awards, and created their own clothing line known as Dirty Pig Clothing.

The band has received popularity throughout the world, with over 1.8 million views on their original YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the band has had legal trouble; a hate and bullying campaign rose against the group and had been taken to courts, but the group has not yet verified the suit.