What are your thoughts about President Trump’s divisive words relating to Haiti and Nigeria?


Dana D. Gaines


Pre- Nursing


Hollandale, Mississippi

The people elected a clown and now they’re wondering why the United States is turning into a circus. It’s honestly ridiculous that he is allowed to say the things he says.


Jacy Mahor




Pattison, Mississippi

While the President should use a more professional tone, the issue on the countries should be the main focus. We should not get lost on one word the President said and focus on how we can make immigration safe so the American people are safe.


Imaya Woodruff


Social Work


Jackson, Mississippi

I think President Trump is a very rude man who doesn’t care about the people that he is presiding over. I feel that him being the President he should be more caring and not throw around hateful words that are degrading to the people he’s talking about. He has no filter and that is not a quality a president should have.


Jhakira Warner


Biology Pre- Nursing


Monroe, Louisiana

Like always his comments are done in poor taste with no regards to others. I hope he finds the brain cells to actually think of a game plan. Especially since the United States needs some “renovations.”

Collette Charlton


Math and Computer Science


Portland, Jamaica

What President Trump said about Haiti and Nigeria was extremely disrespectful. If he has a vendetta against a particular Haitian or Nigerian he should keep it to himself and not generalize and put down the entire country.