What Does God Look Like?


There is an answer

That I can not find.

It is a simple question

That boggles my mind.

People think I’m crazy

To have a question of this kind.

My simple question is,

“What does God look like?”

Some say he’s love,

Others say he’s light.

No that’s not what I mean.

Give me a feature like his eyes.

Maybe it’s wisdom

Or perfect peace I suppose.

That’s not what I’m looking for.

(Sigh) What shape is his nose?

I think it’s Justice.

What? That makes no sense.

Since when has a feature ever been something like Justice.

I’ll give an example, what’s his smile like.

Maybe thin lips with nice teeth that are pearly white.

I think you mean Joy.

What? It looks like Joy.

I think his smile has soul saving Joy.

You know what?

Nevermind, You’re only wasting my time.

No you don’t understand.

You don’t really get it.

God created all mankind,

All people in his image.

So remember one thing

And this thing from now on.

This will answer your question

For you and for all.

If you follow his son Jesus Christ,

He will lead you to eternal life.

So don’t worry about what the Father looks like.

Just make sure you know who he is and give him your life.

And when you enter into Heaven’s Gates you’ll finally see God’s wonderful face.