Wounds and Scars


I have wounds and I have scars
On my body and my soul
But the ones in the physical
Are not like the spiritual.

Spiritual lasts longer
You can’t see them
And they hurt more
Which makes it worse

Physical wounds
Leave scars
You can see them
And remember them

They are alike in some ways
They both hurt
I feel the wounds daily
Some heal but others get worse

When I fell
And scraped my knee
It left a scar
That I can see

But when someone
I loved left me
I didn’t see any blood
But it cut me so deep

Spiritual winds
Can heal too
It may take longer
But you can get through

God can heal
The body and spirit
And when you heal
You won’t feel it

The pain you felt
Won’t be felt anymore but you will remember what happened
That’s a scar that
Doesn’t stay broken

Let God heal you
And when you see the scars
Remember them as the trials that made you