You Know Hurt


Do my eyes deceive me?
I can’t believe this.
How could it be this?
The greatest pain I’ve felt is right before my eyes.
I wanted you more then life itself.
I’ve been done wrong, deceived, lied on and the list goes on.
Liar, cheater, moron.
But this pain is too unbearable.
Whenever they spoke on my name, they couldn’t call me this but you could’ve.
Why couldn’t you be here?
I feel numb,
So deep in thought
That my once dream has now begun to rot.
I wanted you then but couldn’t have you.
The world could’ve been all ours
But you couldn’t even stay with me more than an hour.
I know I’ll become stronger one day and it’ll be all because of you.
Just check on me.
Don’t let my feelings wreck on me.
Give me a hint or a feeling that you’re with me.
I loved you before you came about,
And without a doubt
I’ll love you now that you’re no longer with me.
Get your rest baby girl.