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Is Michael Jackson the G.O.A.T.?

Music is by far one of the most influential and debatable topics of all time. There are so many different genres, artists, and sounds.  Meaning, to have such an influence over so many different genres and future artists, it would be undeniably fascinating. Arguably, Michael Jackson is one of the only artists to ever accomplish this and be by far the most legendary and illustrious artist of all-time. 

It would be impossible to put Jackson into just one musical category. He created Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop and many other different genres of music. Being able to cater to such vastly distinct sounds is one of the reasons as to why Jackson still has such influence over music today. He first started his music career in the 1960s, with some of his siblings under the name, “The Jackson 5.” Some of their most popular hits were “ABC” (1970), which sold over 5 million copies across the world, and “I Want You Back” (1969), which sold over 6 million copies.  Other hits under his single name, include the ‘Thriller’ Album (1982), which is estimated to have sold over 70 million copies, and his single “Billie Jean” which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide making it one of the most popular singles of all time. 

Jackson has also won/been nominated for numerous Grammys, Emmys, AMA’s, and other musical awards. He is the most awarded artist of all time and holds over 30 Guinness World Records. Jackson is not only notable for his music, but also his song writing ability, visuals, and admirable performances. He had one of the most powerful stage presences and paved the way for famous performances from artists such as Chris Brown and Beyonce. 

Jackson also used his platform to shine light on social injustices. His song, “Black or White,” addressed racial issues that were being faced at the time. The song supports equality and attempts to bring different communities together. In the music video, he demonstrates several different cultures which protest for the message of these injustices. Other records he featured in, such as “We Are The World” were aimed at the fundraising and societal discussion of poverty in Africa. The song helped to raise millions of dollars and is one of the most renowned songs ever. The approach that Jackson took in his music videos is what sets him apart from so many other artists, especially today. His visuals in all of his videos aid in the storytelling of his music.  

The evolution of Jackson’s musical ability over the years before his tragic death set an undeniably high bar for every other artist to come after him. He has released hundreds of songs dating back to his initial debut in the Jackson 5. Each song with its own distinctive sound and message. His status was created by his legendary music and his multi-talented character. Jackson helped to revolutionize music forever, earning his “King of Pop” and “G.O.A.T.” title. 

Jaimee McCullen
Jaimee McCullen
Jaimee McCullen is a Sophomore Mass Communications major from Natchez, Mississippi. She will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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