Me, Individually


Why me?

Why am I here?

Why are we born?

Why is anyone here?


I’m just one person

out of many.

I have no purpose and

I can’t change anything.


I have no purpose,

I couldn’t possibly.

I’m not important

nor will I ever be.


Maybe I should end it all.

Why shouldn’t I?

I don’t know why I was born

or why I’m still alive.


No, you are special.

You are unique.

If you leave this world

it will be missing your individuality.


I have given you

specific abilities.

Weapons for every battle

and all the tools you need.


When I am for you

no one can be against you.

Let me guide you

and show you what you can do.


Even by myself

God is with me.

It may seem like I can do nothing,

but through Christ I can do all things.


God chose me for a purpose

because he loves me.

That’s why he chose me

me, individually.