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Parents: How can they ensure their child’s success in school?

In reality, most parents want their children to succeed in school. Without a parent’s love and support, it’s not possible. What do you think parents should do to help their children succeed? Routines, parental success, communication, and parent-teacher conferences are ways to
ensure success.

Having a routine teaches children discipline. The parents should create a schedule and go over it with their children. The schedule should include all of their after-school duties such as: chores, homework, and reading books that will improve their knowledge on specific topics. Parents should help their children with their homework. Reviewing what the child has learned can be helpful to them as well. It helps the child to remember the lesson better.

Before the child is successful, the parent has to be successful. Parents should always be a good role model for their children. For example, if a child sees their parents doing their work and chores, it motivates them to do the same. They also should stick to a schedule and do what they’re supposed to do. By doing that, children can look up to their parents as individuals to emulate. If a child sees their parents doing their job, it will motivate them to do theirs as well.

Communication is key. Parents should communicate with their children every day. In this generation, most parents lack the ability to properly communicate. Most children are not comfortable with talking to their parents because of that particular reason. A child should be able to talk to their parents about school, mental health, etc. If a child is having a problem, it’s the parent’s job to give them advice and support them through anything.

Lastly, parent-teacher conferences are helpful as well. It helps the teacher communicate more with the parents. Both teacher and parent can analyze the child’s progress in the classroom. If there is any problem, the teacher can notify the parent at any time. Conferences help keep up with the child’s academic progress and behavior. For example, teachers can show a chart of all of the child’s behavior records, grades, etc. and discuss it with the parents.

Overall, without support from parents, a child is going to have a difficult time succeeding in school. A parent being more active could really help their child become successful not only in school but in life as well. Daily routines, setting positive examples, communication, and
parent-teacher conferences can all help children succeed in school. All of these tips can lead a child into a great future.

Quashondra Addison
Quashondra Addison
Quashondra Addison is a Freshman Mass Communications major from McComb, Mississippi. She will be a contributor to The Campus Chronicle for the 2023-2024 academic school year.


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