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Polygamy You Say?

Growing up, the perfect life explained to us by previous generations has always required a stable job, kids, and a lifelong partner. Yet, the harsh reality is that we will not have just one partner. According to www.weddingstats.org, “We have come up with the number of average relationships before marriage to be somewhere between three and five people.” This statement further proves the probability of someone finding the right person. How can anyone be a perfect person to someone else? That one perfect person for the rest of my life is simply a wish, not actuality.

Having multiple partners is actually not as abnormal as most would expect it to be. Www.independent.co.uk states, “Some anthropologists believe that polygamy has been the norm through human history.” Throughout the years, society and Christianity have placed shame on those who practice polygamy. Christianity teaches its followers that conjugal love between a man and wife must be exclusive, mutual, and undivided. However, not all religions are against polygamy. Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, and Adivasis all have followers and leaders who practice polygamy.

The serge of divorce rates and even the history of monogamous relationships goes to prove how unstable monogamy actually is. Theorist believe that modern monogamous culture has only been around for one thousand years and considering our American history it makes sense. Most individuals only marry for financial and stability reasons.

Throughout the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s a common pattern has been demonstrated that both men and women in marriages commit infidelity. Women, more so, want security in a relationship and love is just an add on. Also, in the past, young girls were bought, traded, and sold to men twice or even three times their age to marry. At many young girl’s expense, they were forced to marry. Therefore, how is monogamist marriage the universal symbol for true love?

A polygamist relationship has a plethora of more benefits when considering partnership and longevity. Although two sources of income are better than one, three incomes are better than two. In today’s society for most couples even two incomes are not enough to sustain bills, self-care, kids, and health. On the contrary, three incomes and three different mindsets gives you a better chance at financial freedom, more individual time, and it relives stress.

Also, if most people cheat or are going to cheat at least once, I think it makes the most sense to add an extra person to provide variety to begin with. This is done in efforts to prevent boredom throughout the years to prevent strain on the relationship. The final point is what is inevitable. If one person dies before the other, then everything is transferred to the one individual left. With a broken heart, combined with all of the new unexpected extra responsibilities, the individual most likely would not be able to handle everything in a timely manner. As a result, the kids, home, finances, and other issues are neglected. However, with a third or fourth person being in the relationship they would then be able to soften the load by equally distributing the weight of a lost loved one. Polygamy provides both extra emotional and financial support so that the family is not overcome by its circumstances.

D'Marius Jones
D'Marius Jones
D'Marius Jones is a Graduating Senior Mass Communications major from Jackson, Mississippi. He will be a contributor for The Campus Chronicle for the Fall 2023 semester.


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